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Monday, 12 June 2017 Проблемы управления речными бассейнами в условиях изменения климата 100
Monday, 29 May 2017 Орошаемое земледелие Узбекистана: существуют ли резервы водообеспеченности для устойчивого развития? 226
Monday, 29 May 2017 Орошение и дренаж в странах Центральной Азии, Кавказа и Восточной Европы / Духовный В.А., Мухамеджанов Ш.Ш., Саидов Р.Р. 226
Friday, 26 May 2017 Материалы XIV международного научно-практического симпозиума «Чистая вода России-2017» (18–20 апреля 2017 г., Екатеринбург) 221
Thursday, 16 February 2017 Resource-Saving and Energy-Efficient Irrigation Technologies and Facilities: Reference-book 674
Monday, 06 February 2017 Studying and Managing Water Resources (Practical School of Limnology), Volume 2 743
Monday, 06 February 2017 Studying and Managing Water Resources (Practical School of Limnology), Volume 1 795
Wednesday, 01 February 2017 By-Laws of the Committee for Water Resources under the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan and its Basin Inspections (November-December 2016) (SIC ICWC Legal Collection, Issue 42) 577
Wednesday, 01 February 2017 Turkmenistan – Constitution and Water Code 2016 (SIC ICWC Legal Collection, Issue 41) 398
Tuesday, 20 December 2016 River Doctrine of the Russian Federation. Analytical Report on Doctrine Development 458
Tuesday, 20 December 2016 Land Reclamation and Water Sector: Challenges and Solutions. Proceedings of International applied research conference (Kostyakov readings), 29-30 March 2016 492
Tuesday, 04 October 2016 Water Resources of Central Asia and Their Use: Materials of the International Scientific-Practical Conference devoted to the summing-up of the “Water for Life” decade declared by the United Nations (Almaty, Kazakhtan, September 22–24, 2016) 1152
Tuesday, 27 September 2016 The Echoes of Mirzacho’l / Collected Stories of the Hungry and Jizzakh Steppe Developers 861
Tuesday, 20 September 2016 We and the Amur Floods: Lessons (Un)Learned? 776
Wednesday, 03 August 2016 Land resources and food security of Central Asia and Southern Caucasus 690
Wednesday, 03 August 2016 Genesis and Regime of Surface Water in the Amu Darya River Basin and Their Effect on Salinization of Cultivated Land / Chembarisov E.I., Nasrulin A.B., Lesnik T.Yu., Khojamuratova R.T. 590
Wednesday, 03 August 2016 Resource Efficiency: Economics and Outlook for Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia (REEO for EECCA) 581
Thursday, 21 July 2016 «Analysis, prediction and management of natural risks in the modern world (GEORISK–2015)»: the collection of articles includes the proceedings of report submitted to the international scientific-practical conference 616
Tuesday, 19 July 2016 Problems of Decrease of Natural Hazards and Risks: The International Scientifically-Practical Conference «GEORISK-2012» 406
Tuesday, 05 July 2016 Water Conservation, Land Reclamation and Hydraulic Structures as a Basis for Agricultural Clustering in Russia in XXI: Proceedings of XVIII International Scientific Conference, 3 volumes 765
Tuesday, 21 June 2016 International Scientific Conference on 150th Anniversary of the K.A.Timiryazev’s Russian State Agrarian University, 2-3 June 2015, Moscow: Collection of Papers 672
Tuesday, 21 June 2016 TAA Proceedings: Collection of papers. Issue 286 637
Tuesday, 21 June 2016 TAA Proceedings: Collection of papers. Issue 287 423
Wednesday, 01 June 2016 Perspectives for Development in the Water Sector, Construction, and Land Management: Proceedings of International Scientific Conference 830
Saturday, 07 May 2016 Selected items from the national water regulation: Kyrgyz Republic (March 2016) 826
Saturday, 07 May 2016 Selected items from the national water regulation: Kyrgyz Republic; Republic of Kazakhstan 690
Saturday, 07 May 2016 Laws of the Central Asian countries in the area of agriculture (March-April 2016) 591
Saturday, 07 May 2016 Laws of the Republic of Tajikistan in the area of agriculture 452
Saturday, 07 May 2016 General Integrated Water Use and Protection Plan in the Republic of Kazakhstan 508
Thursday, 21 April 2016 Program of water sector reformation in the Republic of Tajikistan for 2016-2025 659
Thursday, 17 March 2016 Cultural and Educational Issues Related to Water Management in the EECCA Countries 925
Tuesday, 23 February 2016 Proceedings of the International Scientific Forum “Water and Land Management Issues” (Moscow, 30 September 2015) 1320
Friday, 08 January 2016 Water and Environmental Issues in Siberia and Central Asia: Proceedings of the All-Russian Scientific Conference on 25th Anniversary of the Institute for Water and Environmental Problems of Siberian branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences: 3 volumes 1703
Tuesday, 01 December 2015 Modern irrigation technologies and possibility of their application in Kyrgyzstan 1093
Thursday, 26 November 2015 Policy Guidance Note on the Benefits of Transboundary Water Cooperation: Identification, Assessment and Communication 1027
Thursday, 26 November 2015 Reconciling resource uses in transboundary basins: assessment of the water-food-energy-ecosystems nexus 728
Tuesday, 17 November 2015 Science and practice: water for sustainable development 702
Friday, 09 October 2015 Water legislation and environmental challenges 752
Tuesday, 15 September 2015 Documents of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan addressing water-related matters (March 2015) 855
Tuesday, 15 September 2015 Resolutions of the Cabinet of Ministers of Uzbekistan for Mitigation of the Aral Sea Disaster 1113
Tuesday, 15 September 2015 Climate Change - Tragedy or Reality? 797
Thursday, 09 July 2015 Water Conservation and Effectiveness of Water Use: NWO EECCA Conference Proceedings (21-22 May, Minsk, Belarus) 1602
Friday, 12 June 2015 The Proceedings of the XIII International Scientific-Practical Symposium and Exhibition “Clean Water of Russia” (Yekaterinburg, 17-19 March 2015) 1498
Friday, 12 June 2015 Comprehensive Reclamation as a Way to Improve Productivity of Agricultural Land. Proceedings of the International Scientific Conference (Moscow, 26-27 November 2014) 1130
Tuesday, 09 June 2015 Water resources and landscape urbanization in the Russian territory in the 21st century/ Proceedings of the XVII International Theoretical and Practical Conference (Tyumen, March 20, 2015) 859
Tuesday, 09 June 2015 Р"Rice growing in Ukraine" edited by V.A. Stashuk, A.M. Rokochinsky и L.M. Granovskaya 758
Thursday, 12 March 2015 Water Conservation as a Way for Survival under Growing Water Crisis 2001
Tuesday, 17 February 2015 Entry into Force and Perspectives of the 1997 UN Watercourses Convention: Expert Opinions 1527
Wednesday, 11 February 2015 The Arctic Region: Problems of International Cooperation 1761
Wednesday, 11 February 2015 Comprehensive Reclamation as a Way to Improve Productivity of Agricultural Land 1273
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