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Statute concerning Secretariat of the Regional network of (basin) water organizations from Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia (NWO EECCA) PDF Print E-mail
Written by Erkin Turdibaev   
Thursday, 07 October 2010


In December 2008, during the workshop on Development of a Water Information Network in CIS countries by the example of and through the Central Asian Regional Water Information Base CAREWIB in Moscow the question of establishing a network of water organizations in EECCA countries was initiated. 

UNECE has supported this proposal and organized two work meetings.

By April 2010, 44 organizations have joined the network, including: Azerbaijan 2; Byelorussia 3; Russia 6; Moldova 2; Kazakhstan 6; Tajikistan 3; Turkmenistan 1; Kyrgyzstan 3; Uzbekistan 10; Georgia 1; and, Ukraine 7.

On 31st May 2010 in Moscow, the Constitutive Convention of the Regional network of (basin) water organizations from Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia (NWO EECCA) approved the Charter of the Network, elected the President and formed the Board of Directors and the Secretariat as an executive body. The headquarters of the Network are located in the city of Tashkent.

1. Legal Status of the Secretariat

1.1. The Secretariat is a legal entity having a status of international organization (as stated in the NWO EECCA Charter, para.1) and has a right:

 to sign contracts, set structure and number of staff upon agreement with the Board of Directors;
 to procure and dispose of property upon agreement with the Board of Directors, get grants, subsidies and loans related to NWO EECCAs activity, according to the Charter.

1.2. Upon agreement with the Board of Directors, the Secretariat may establish its offices and open settlement and currency accounts in order to fulfill functions as assigned in the Charter of NWO EECCA and given Statute of Secretariat. 

1.3. The Secretariat and its property is exempted from all kinds of taxes, duties and other obligatory charges to the budget as an international organization as stipulated under legislation of the state, within the boundaries and under jurisdiction of which the Secretariat is located.

1.4. The Secretariat is exempted from customs duties and restrictions regarding items, property, furniture that Secretariat imports or exports for formal use as stipulated under legislation of the founder-states of Secretariat.

Funding from international donors and organizations is exempted from taxes and duties.

1.5. The Secretariats officials enjoy privileges and immunities for free fulfillment of their functions as stipulated for staff of international organizations within the boundaries of the founder-states of Secretariat.

1.6. Without prejudice to privileges and immunities and other benefits as stipulated above, all persons enjoying such privileges and benefits, according to this article, must comply with laws and regulations of a founder-state of Secretariat, within the boundaries of which and under the jurisdiction of which they are located. 

1.7. The Secretariats officials have a right to use an ID card of NWO EECCAs format approved by the Board of Directors.

1.8. Visa applications, if required, from the Secretariats officials having the ID cards, who travel to any country for fulfillment of their functions, should be processed in the first order. These persons are given benefits for prompt and problem-free traveling.

1.9. The official working languages of the Network are Russian and English.

2. Location and governance of the Secretariat

2.1. The Secretariat is a Permanent executive body of the Network.

2.2. Simultaneously, the Secretariat is the headquarters of the Network.

2.3. The Secretariat is located in Tashkent, Uzbekistan.

2.4. The Secretariat is governed by the Networks Executive Secretary, who is assigned by the Board of Directors.

2.5. The term of office of the Executive Secretary is set by the Board of Directors.

3. Scope of activity

3.1. According to objectives and tasks as set in the Charter of NWO EECCA (para 2), the Secretariat fulfils them in practice in the territory of EECCA countries.

3.2. In this context, the Secretariat bends their efforts to the development of long-term relationships between organizations of the Network and to the promotion of experience exchange.

3.3. Facilitates adoption of tools applicable in institutional and financial management for generation of water knowledge and creation of water banks, for coordinated preparation of mid- and long-term action programs. 

3.4. Takes part in the development of information and training programs for Networks members and various concerned parties.

3.5. Takes part in events aimed at promotion of peoples education in efficient water use and health related to water.

3.6. Promotes principles of international cooperation in water protection and use and mobilizes financing of the water programs.

3.7. Assesses current actions undertaken by member-organizations and informs other members on their results.

3.8. Organizes a Network development fund.

4. Property

4.1. The property of Secretariat includes current assets and any other property.

4.2. The sources of the Secretariats property are as follows:
 Property transferred by property owners;
 Property donated by physical or legal entities;
 Property procured at expense of income generated from Secretariats activity;
 Other sources allowed by legislation.

4.3. Upon termination of the Secretariat, the property is distributed among founders, according to their shares in procuring the property and based on decisions of the Board of Directors.

5. Duration of the Secretariat

The duration of the Secretariat is unlimited.

6. Termination of the Secretariat

Functioning of the Secretariat is terminated upon decision of the Networks Convention.

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