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Charter of the Regional Network of Water (Basin) Organizations from Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia (NWO EECCA) PDF Print E-mail
Written by Erkin Turdibaev   
Thursday, 07 October 2010

Approved by the Constitutive Convention
of the Network,
Minutes No. 1 of 31.05.2010,
Moscow, Russian Federation


International Network of Basin Organizations (INBO) was established during the constitutive assembly in 1994 at Aix-les-Bains, France.

The regional networks of water (basin) organizations have been and are established for the development of INBO in various regions all over the world.

The Charter sets the goal, objectives, structure and functions of the regional network of water (basin) organizations from Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia (NWO EECCA).

Given an importance of communication establishment in the region both among water (basin) organizations and land-reclamation organizations, it will be possible for organizations dealing with irrigation and land reclamation to join the network as well.

1. Legal status of NWO EECCA

1.1. NWO EECCA is an independent, non-profit, non-partisan international network of water organizations.

1.2. The regional network of water (basin) organizations of EECCA countries is a part of INBO and, at the same time, it collaborates with the UN Economic Commission for Europe and ICID.  

2. The Network Goal and Objectives

2.1. Network goal is to develop the integrated water resources management and create conditions for comprehensive and environmentally friendly rational use of water and reclaimed land. 

2.2. Network objectives

Based on the goal, NWO EECCA:

 Establishes ties among organizations interested in the Network goal and promotes exchange of experience and expertise among Networks members;
 Provides assistance in exchanging and disseminating information on water and land reclamation;
 Provides access to national, regional and international databases on water and land reclamation by using existing frameworks and tools;
 Facilitates education, professional training, and internships in field of water and land reclamation, with particular focus on incorporation of these fields into general education;
 Organizes events in order to attract attention of managers at various levels and the public to water-related and land reclamation issues;
 Develops international and regional (including, scientific) programs, conducts search for donors and implements them;
 Promotes public participation in decision making on transboundary, basin water issues;
 Initiates discussions on transboundary water issues and policies related to efficient water use and promotes dialogues among governmental, non-governmental community organizations and other stakeholders;
 Contributes to the development of regional cooperation among governmental, public agencies and non-governmental organizations in area of integrated water resources management and improved irrigated agriculture;
 Attracts new members to the NWO EECCA;
 Popularizes measures to prevent negative anthropogenic impact on water bodies;
 Establishes cooperation with other regional networks of water (basin) organizations in sharing experiences and information.

3. The Network Structure

3.1. The NWO EECCA is open to basin, research, educational, design, information, non-governmental, community-based organizations dealing with the water sector and land reclamation and signing Memorandum or Agreement on joining the NWO EECCA.

3.2. An organization, which is applying to enter the Network, is willing to participate, to the extent possible, in the Network activities, inform the Network about its activity, exchange experiences in know-how to maintain and multiply available scientific capacity and establish closer cooperation among the members. Such organization also agrees to share its knowledge via the Networks knowledge dissemination tools    (web-site http://www.cawater-info.net/ and newsletter). Moreover, it is also planned to develop cooperation with the GWP for Central Asia and Caucasus and the ICID work team Irrigation and drainage in the EECCA countries under conditions of socio-economic transformation.

3.3. The managerial body of NWO EECCA is the Convention of members, which is gathered every two years, and the Board of directors elected by the Convention for two years, between the meetings of the Convention.

3.4. NWO EECCA is chaired by the President, who is elected by the Convention for two years.

3.5. The executive body of the Network is Secretariat.

3.6. The Secretariat is headed by the Executive Secretary, who is elected by the Board of Directors for two years.

3.7. The official working languages of the Network are Russian and English.

3.8. The Network excludes membership fees.

3.9. The membership is terminated upon receipt of the formal letter of resignation in Secretariat or upon decision of the Convention for non-fulfillment on a regular basis of members obligations.

3.10. The Networks Convention is made up of all the members (representatives).

3.11. The chairman of the Convention is the President of NWO EECCA.

3.12. Ordinary Conventions are called successively in different geographic locations of the network.

3.13. Extraordinary Conventions may be called:
 either on the Presidents initiative, which should be agreed by the Board of Directors;
 or on the Boards of Directors initiative;
 or upon the written request of half the Network's members plus one.

3.14. The President notifies the members about the next Convention meeting 2 months in advance.

3.15. The Convention meeting agenda is initiated by the President and then approved by the Board of Directors.

Working papers are disseminated upon prior notification.

3.16. The President and Executive Secretary of the International Network of Basin Organizations (INBO) should be invited to the NWO EECCA Board of Directors and the Convention meetings.

3.17. The President and Executive Secretary of the Network, together with two other representatives elected by the Board of Directors represent the NWO EECCA in the INBO Liaison Bureau.

3.18. The Charter of the Network is approved by the Convention and submitted to the INBO for recording.

4. Networks Board of Directors

4.1. The Networks Board of Directors is a managerial body of the Network between meetings of the Networks supreme body the Convention.

4.2. The Board of Directors is authorized to the following:

4.2.1. Sets general principles and priority directions of activity, based on the Network goal and objectives (para. 2);

4.2.2. Approves organizational and managerial regulations of the Network;

4.2.3. Approves work plan of the Network;

4.2.4.Approves Statute of Secretariat;

4.2.5. Approves organizational structure and staff responsibilities of the Secretariat;

4.2.6. Approves and dismisses the head of Secretariat Executive Secretary of the Network;

4.2.7. Reviews and approves programs and projects for mobilizing investments;

4.2.8. Distributes grants among the Network members.

4.2.9. Exercises periodical financial and performance supervision over the Secretariats activity.

4.3. The Board of Directors is made of 15 members.

4.4. The Board of Directors is headed by the President.

4.5. The head of Secretariat Executive Secretary of the Network is a member of the Board of Directors ex officio;

4.6. Upon agreement of the Board of Directors, the President may invite to the Board reputable individuals one-time or on regular basis. However, those have no a voting right in the process of making decisions;

4.7. Members of the Board are elected by the Convention for 1-2 persons per country (excluding regional organizations, which representatives do not count as national representatives);

5. Executive Body - Secretariat

5.1. The permanent executive body of the Network is the Secretariat, which is based in Tashkent, Uzbekistan;

5.2. The Secretariat simultaneously serves as headquarters of the Network;

5.3. Activities of the Secretariat are regulated by its Statute approved by the Board of Directors;

5.4. In its activity Secretariat follows the objectives of NWO EECCA, decisions of the Conventions, assignments of the Board of Directors and the Statute of Secretariat;

5.5. The Secretariat is governed by the Networks Executive Secretary, who is assigned by the Board of Directors.

6. Duration of the Network

The duration of the Network is unlimited.

7. Termination of the Network

Functioning of the Network is terminated upon decision of the Networks Convention.

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