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Results of the 20th annual survey on the environmental situation and the survival of humanity PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 08 February 2012
Dear visitors of EECCA NWO !
Each year, the Asahi Glass Association is conducting a survey of over 1,000 respondents around the world on various issues of the environmental situation in the world. In the past, 2011 was held the 20th survey, which showed a gradual improvement in all environmental conditions as compared to previous years.
The following are the conclusions of the text (and results) and some numerical computations:
- 74% of respondents believe that the decrease in supply due to climate change (including drought and desertification). This majority is distributed in all regions except Eastern Europe and Russia;
- 74% of those surveyed also believe that the growing shortage of water associated with the use of water and ground water for irrigation of mass;
- 70% also considered dangerous increase in water consumption in the interests of the industry;
- 68% said the growing threat of water distribution from water quality and distribution of contamination sources.
From the attached conclusions and some extracts it is clear that the ecological crisis is approaching.
People! Be alert and attentive to nature, especially to the water!
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Full text in Russian (pdf, 601 Kb)

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