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Monday, 26 March 2012
System Variable Rate Irrigation (VRI) from the Valley of the company provides maximum precision irrigation. Through a combination of hardware and software parts of the Valley VRI on the machine can be adjusted by filing the required volume of water in a particular sector (VRI Speed ​​Control) or a control zone (VRI Zone Control). System VRI, which can be programmed according to specific field conditions, ideal for field work with several types of soils, relief and different requirements for irrigation.

VRI Speed Control

  • This system is used to increase/decrease the rate of irrigation facility, which provides the required depth introduction to the sector working on the basis of prescription loaded VRI
  • Requires any control panel or Select2 Pro2 with a software upgrade
  • Using the available set of sprinkler

VRI Zone Control

  • Working on the basis of prescription loaded VRI, with impulse control valves can be switched on / off in any area of the irrigation installation to achieve the required depth introduction to the area management
  • Can be used for on/off control in certain areas of the field that do not require the introduction of water from ditches, canals, wet areas, or other conditions
  • Requires panel Pro2 and Pro2 VRI software
  • Required equipment includes power VRI Zone Control, Equipment Control Panel VRI and control valves for each spray, which will be managed by VRI Zone Control

Contact information:

Valmont Irrigation
7002 North 288th Street
P.O. Box 358
Valley, Nebraska 68064-0358 USA
Tel: +1-402-359-2201
Fax: +1-402-359-4948
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it

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