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Mountain Altai of pre-revolutionary Russia PDF Print E-mail
Written by Iskander Beglov   
Monday, 21 May 2012
Sergei Borisov is the famous Russian photographer famous for his ethnographic Altaic series, which was made between 1907 and 1914.

Chui tract

Kazakh Yurts in the valley of the middle reaches of the Katun River in the vicinity of Little Yaloman

Manzherokskiy threshold on the Katun River

Bridge on the River Kucherla, a tributary of the Katun River

On the river

Lower Lake Valley Arasan

Altyn-Kol Lake (Teletskoye)

Crossing of the Katun River above the mouth of Chui

Straight bridge over a waterfall on the river Arasanka


Village Mill in Valley Uimon

Blue bong


Waterfall on the River Idolgon, near Berel glacier

Mountain Altai

Girls reach on the river Idol

Katun river valley near the Togus Cana

Lower Valley Kuragan

Valley Teldekmen (Teldekpen), Katun River

Cascade falls


Chui tract. On the slopes Kyngrar boma. Above the confluence of the river Katun River Small Eloman

The Upper Black Berel River, a tributary of the River Bukhtarma

In the valley of the river Irgol

In the valley of the river Kupchan

View from the source of the river on the Idolgon Berel glacier

Source: http://humus.livejournal.com/2558380.html

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