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Chernyavskiy S.I. - Russia and Problems of Water Resources PDF Print E-mail
Written by Erkin Turdibaev   
Friday, 28 October 2016
In conditions of intensive industrial development in the world the problem of water resources becomes exacerbated. Shortage of fresh water and its distribution causes often social tensions.

Russia has a unique water-resource potential of - 1 / 5 of global volume, which defines its special place in the world community and at the same time imposes a special responsibility. In order to reduce conflict water problems, including those near the borders of Russia - in Central Asia and China - it is necessary to have a clear legal formalization of the joint management of transboundary water resources and their continuous monitoring as well as to develop and adopt a comprehensive water strategy.

At the international level Russia faces the task of promoting the establishment of integrated management of water resources with neighboring countries and a coordinated regional and national water policy, covering various aspects of the organization, financing, regulatory framework of water management. It is important to develop such forms of cooperation that would meet the common interests, help to integrate the economies of the countries to resolve their social and environmental problems. Convergence of views on legal and economic aspects of cooperation on transboundary waters requires a sustained political dialogue which should be based on relevant rules of international law and practices of bilateral and multilateral cooperation.

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