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Written by Iskander Beglov   
Tuesday, 27 January 2009

The Network of EECCA Water Management Organisations is established to exchange views, experiences, and information on various aspects of water-management activity.

Image The decision to establish the network was made at a stakeholders’ workshop in Moscow in December 11, 2008.

The Constitutive convention of the Regional network (May 31, 2010) approved the Charter of EECCA NWO and the Statute of Secretariat, elected the Network's President and the Board of Directors, and assigned the Executive Secretary of the Network - head of the Secretariat.

The Network is developed by the Scientific-Information Center of ICWC and JSC "Vodstroy" under support of the Government of Russian Federation and the UN Economic Commission for Europe and Network's are coordinated with those of the International Network of Basin Organizations.

Participation in this network is voluntary, based on professional unity and mutual understanding and is organized in form of exchange of views, experiences, and information on various aspects of water-management activity, with no financial contribution needed from the organizations.

This website is a kind of the network’s "knowledge hub" accumulating and giving an idea of available research and development of the network’s members.

Exchange of information on the following subjects:

• Status of water resources (quantity and quality);
• Integrated management and use of water resources;
• Quality of transboundary water bodies and prospects of their use;
• Contamination of water resources;
• Creating an electronic database on water quality;
• Experience from implementation of IWRM;
• Reliability of data in information systems;
• Hydrologic and water-management modeling;
• Environmental safety of water use in transboundary systems;
• Development of water accounting and regulation systems for river basins;
• Role of water resources in national economic development;
• Information about projects and their results;
• Information on information technology;
• Training, continuing education;
• Development of information systems
• Hydro-geological information, climate data;
• Water strategy;
• Legal and regulatory documentation.

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