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Written by Iskander Beglov   
Monday, 21 December 2009

 Systematic research on draining and use of marshes in agriculture in Byelorussia has been carried out since 1911, when one of the first in Russia experimental marsh station was established on outskirts of the Minsk city. In 1930, on the basis of this station and the Division for marsh drainage and culture at the Byelorussian agricultural and forestry research institute, the All-Union Marsh Research Institute was established. Further one, the name of the institute changed, as well as its departmental affiliation; however, the main activity direction remained unchanged, that is developing theory and practical methods for reclamation of marshes and wetlands.

In 1987, a scientific production association “Byelorussian land reclamation and water research institute” was established and later transformed into SPA “Land reclamation and grass farming”.  It was comprised on Byelorussian land reclamation and water research institute and Polesye branch of lowland meadow cultivation (Pinsk), Polesye experimental land reclamation station and base (Luninets district, Brest province), Vitebsk experimental land reclamation station, Vitebsk experimental farm (Sennensk district, Vitebsk province), experimental-production enterprise (Minsk city), and experimental plant (Homel’ city).

Since 1992, the Byelorussian land reclamation and grass farming research institute (ByelNIIM&L) together with the SPA of the same name has been joining the Byelorussian Academy of Agrarian Sciences.

In 2002, the SPA “Land reclamation and grass farming” was liquidated, while the institute, Polesye branch of lowland meadow cultivation (Pinsk), Polesye experimental land reclamation station and base (Luninets district, Brest province), Vitebsk experimental land reclamation station, Vitebsk experimental farm (Sennensk district, Vitebsk province), and experimental-production enterprise (Minsk city) were included into Byelorussia National Academy of Sciences.

 In 2004, the institute was renamed as the Republican unitary research enterprise “Land reclamation and grass farming institute of the National Academy of Sciences” or briefly RUE “Land reclamation and grass farming institute of Byelorussia NAS”.

At the end of 2006, according to Byelorussian President’s Decree, the institute was re-organized into the Republican subsidiary unitary research enterprise “Land reclamation institute”, with its branches (“Vitebsk experimental land reclamation station” and “Experimental production enterprise”) and became a part of newly established Scientific practical center for farming at the National Academy of Sciences.


The Land Reclamation Institute provides scientific support for the use of 2.9 Mha of drained agricultural land, including 1.3 Mha of cropland and 1.6 Mha of meadows. 

Major directions of Institute’s activity include:

- developing highly effective zonal systems of reclamative farming that ensure efficient land use and sustainable ecosystem functioning;

- developing cost-effective and environmentally appropriate technologies for intensification of hayfields and pastures on reclaimed land;

- developing highly effective energy- and resource saving technologies for water and air regime management and irrigation and drainage system operation, rehabilitation, and reconstruction;

- implementing a system of comprehensive monitoring over reclaimed areas and environment, using modern diagnostic methods and IT for information support of rational nature management in reclaimed areas.

The Institute’s research branches and experimental stations employ 285 people, including 5 doctors of science and 24 candidates of science.
Recently, closer research and technological cooperation has been developed with research and educational institutions in Byelorussia, Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania.  Cooperation activities are developed with scientists in Poland, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, China and other countries.

The Institute’s products are protected with patents and inventor’s certificates (more than 200, and ever increasing), most of them applied in manufacturing. 

The Institute published more than 50 volumes of transactions, monographs, tens of article collections on various subjects, regional and sectoral conference proceedings, guidelines, manuals, etc. The Institute issues Wetland Reclamation Journal, which, besides scientific articles in section “Science for industry”, contains topical recommendations for agricultural men. The Journal supports creative work of the youth and involves professionals and scientists from different sectors in its activity.


Republican unitary research enterprise
“Land reclamation institute”
(RUE “Land reclamation institute")
Bogdanovitch str., 153, Minsk, 220040, Republic of Byelorussia
Phone: +375 (017) 292-47-14, 292-49-41 (reception)
Fax: +375 (017) 292-64-96
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it

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