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State Water Design Institute Acvaproiect PDF Print E-mail
Written by Iskander Beglov   
Monday, 21 December 2009


According to the Government’s Decrees of the Republic of Moldova, the State Water Design Institute ”Acvaproiect” performs the functions of:

• head basin design institution in the republic;
• head organization for preparation of construction documents for high-water dams and their structures;
• head design institution for development of water use and protection master plans and for design of hydrotechnical structures.

The Institute was founded by the Republican water-management trust “Apele Moldovei” at the Moldova’s Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry.

Financial activity is performed on full self-supporting basis.

The Institute’s practical activities are as follows:

• developing plans of hydrotechnical structure development and location, as well as plans of rural water supply;
• drawing up plans of integrated water use and protection;
• comprehensive planning of water supply and sanitation systems;
• comprehensive planning of irrigation and drainage systems;
• designing protection of urban and rural settlements and agricultural land from flooding and water-logging;
• developing designs for ponds and reservoirs, elaborating measures for enhancement of beam systems and anti-landslide actions;
• designing hydrotechnical structures, pumping stations, fish-protection structures, transformer substations, power transmission lines, automation and communication lines;
• developing project plans for cleaning of river channels and water bodies and for re-cultivation of disturbed land;
• designing and constructing artesian and observation wells, dug wells, tapping springs;
• designing hydrotechnical structures in order to use non-conventional energy sources;
• conducting geological engineering and soil surveys;
• studying water quality, preparing and issuing relevant certificates;
• designing industrial and civil engineering structures;
• supplying construction sites and enterprises with necessary equipment and materials.


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Last Updated ( Monday, 21 December 2009 )