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Scientific Production Association "SANIIRI" PDF Print E-mail
Written by Iskander Beglov   
Friday, 25 December 2009


Scientific Production Association "SANIIRI" (SPA "SANIIRI") was established in 1987 on the basis of Central Asian Irrigation Research Institute (SANIIRI) and its organizations. The establishment of SPA “SANIIRI” allowed intensifying relationships between science and industry so that to improve water use and land reclamation and promote a principle “from scientific idea to wider manufacture application of water conservation and protection technologies”.

In 1992, the Association was included into the system of the Uzbekistan’s Ministry for Agriculture and Water Resources. The SPA is comprised of:

- Institute "SANIIRI" (head-quarters);
- Karakalpakstan branch, Nukus city;
- Subsidiary enterprise "Sugorish";
- Small-scale enterprise "Meliosuvkurilish";
- Syrdarya experimental production farm named by G.Gulyam;
- Khorezm experimental production farm;
- Small-scale enterprise "Toza Darye";
- Uzbek branch of Coordination Metrological Center of the Interstate Coordination Water Commission (UzFKMC).



SPA "SANIIRI" fulfills the following:

- develops, tests on experimental sites, and manufactures structural units of irrigation systems with pumped surface irrigation and technologies for construction and operation of those systems to ensure planned crop yields in irrigated areas in arid zone. 
- develops and manufactures new hardware for construction and operation of irrigation and drainage systems in arid zone;
- manufactures new structural units and products for drainage and subsoil and drip irrigation systems;
- develops and applies widely new technological processes in construction, reconstruction and operation of irrigation and drainage systems;
- takes part in development and implementation of measures to improve efficiency of water use in the Aral Sea basin and solve Prearalie problems.

SPA "SANIIRI" has close research and production relationships with research, design and building institutions in Central Asia, Russia, Europe and USA. The Association provided engineering and consulting services on irrigation and drainage techniques in Yemen, Syria, India, Turkey and other countries.

Karasu-4/11, Tashkent, 100 187,
Republic of Uzbekistan
Phone: (998 71) 265 05 56, 265 32 41
Fax: (998 71) 265 09 56, 265 32 41
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Last Updated ( Friday, 25 December 2009 )
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