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Written by Iskander Beglov   
Thursday, 07 March 2013
In the bibliographic review of the literature on various aspects of technical reclamation of soils and improvement is given.

Part I. General problems of soil improvement

The first part of the review included a bibliography on general issues of technical soil reclamation and improvement, including the educational literature (textbooks and manuals), normative-methodical literature, including guests, instructions, methodical guidlines and advice on various methods, as well as literature, affecting all kinds of general questions of soil improvement.

Part II. Surface treatment of soil

In the second part of the review included a bibliography on the various ways of modifying the surface soil, surface treatment of soil, ground mixture preparation, creation soil-cements, etc. The different methods of securing the publication of soils used in road and airfield construction, methods based on the use of cement, ash and slag waste, bitumen, surfactants, resins and other binders and active substances used in the treatment of superficial soils.

Part III. Deep (injection) soil treatment

In the third part of the review included a bibliography on the various methods of deep chemical injection secure grounds. Along with general questions injection fix in the bibliography includes publications on the soil silicification, soil resinization, bituminization, and jet grouting technologies, plugging, consolidation of soil inorganic acids and alkalis. Publications on various methods of monitoring injection grouting rounding out the third part of the review.

Part IV. Dry, dewatering, seal and consolidation of soils

In the fourth part of the review a bibliography on the various methods of soil drainage, dewatering, and humidity control, soil compaction and consolidation enabled. These methods of influence on the ground arrays are carried out through various physical fields (gravitational, vibrational, electric, etc.), as well as by various design measures and technologies, including through the establishment of various artificial drains, bored piles, etc.

Part V. Hardening soil physical fields

In the fifth part of the review bibliography on various ways of strengthening and consolidation of soil physical fields is included. This publication on the use of microwave energy for hardening soils, the thermal hardening and freezing soils are presented, as well as work on electrochemical stabilization of soils, based on the use of electrokinetic processes.

Part VI. Creating a protective screens and soil reinforcement

In the sixth part of the review bibliography on various ways of creating a soil impervious screens, shields, barrier technology, including techniques designed to address various environmental challenges on are included. In addition, in this part of the survey work and soil reinforcement technologies are considered.

Part VII. Land reclamation technical frozen ground

In the seventh part of the review bibliography on various technical ways of frozen soil reclamation is enabled. This publication by the consolidation of frozen soils are given, as well as on methods of combating undesirable and dangerous exogenous processes developing in the arrays of frozen soils, including frost heave, etc.

Part VIII. Soil treatment of pollution

In the eighth and final review of the bibliography on methods of soil reclamation technology, used to clean soils from toxicants are included. These methods are an important part of modern technical reclamation, aimed at solving various environmental problems.

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