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Written by Iskander Beglov   
Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Summary of activity

Research and Design Institute Sukanal (hereinafter Institute) was established by merging the Baku branch of the All-Russian Research Institute of Water Supply, Sanitation, Hydraulic Structure and Hydrogeological Engineering VodGEO and the Research and Design Institute AzerbNIIvodproyekt in August 1997.



The Institute is integrated into the structure of Public Water Corporation Azersu.

The Institutes activity is governed by its Charter and legislative acts of the Azerbaijan Republic.

The Institute Sukanal is a leading national research and design organization, which deals with various issues of water supply, sanitation, hydraulic construction, water protection and efficient use.


Main activity directions:

  • research and development work and elaboration of recommendations on water supply for human settlements and industries;
  • development of methods and procedures for operation of new and existing domestic and industrial sewage treatment plants and provision of recommendations on further use of operating facilities;
  • development of regular-style designs and methods for designing of hydraulic structures (water intakes, sedimentation tanks, etc.);
  • preparation of feasibility studies, feasibility analyses, detail design and engineering documentation for construction (reconstruction, extension and modernization) of public utilities in the city of Baku and other towns and villages in the Republic;
  • preparation of bills of quantities and economic feasibility;
  • comprehensive engineering surveys for construction (topographic work, land measuring, geological engineering and hydrogeological surveys), with provision of respective recommendations for clients;
  • field supervision.

The Institute has a state license for CE of buildings and structures of the I and levels of responsibility and for engineering surveys.

The Institute is given an accreditation certificate of the Azerbaijans State Agency for Standardization, Metrology and Licensing for making of chemical and bacteriological analyses of drinking water and contaminated water in conformation with international standards.   

In 2004, The Federal Environmental Ministry and the Institute of Social Hygiene of Germany issued the International Certificate ISO 14001 12514-0/2 to the Institute Sukanal.

Research and design decisions as made by the Institutes branches are based on the system of standards and regulations that are effective within the boundaries of the Republic. If requested by the client, international standards and norms are also applied.

A research and technological council is established as an advisory body at the Institute.

The Institute maintains contacts with relevant foreign institutions, including in CIS countries.


Organizational structure

  • research laboratories at water supply and sewage treatment facilities;
  • engineering survey division;
  • CE division;
  • construction arrangement and bills of quantities division;
  • technical and economic forecasting division;
  • operations division for execution of design releases.


The Institute has science and research library and a comprehensive archive and patent collection.

Besides, the Institute possesses a fair quantity of authors certificates and patents on the main directions of its activity, as well as highly qualified research and engineering staff, including doctors and candidates of science.


Moscow Avenue, 67, Baku, Z1012, Azerbaijan Republic
Phone/fax: (99 412) 430-19-90, 434-47-67
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it

Last Updated ( Thursday, 02 September 2010 )