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Issyk-Kul Basin Water Management Organization PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 17 September 2010

Issyk-Kul province refers to high mountain terrain, most of which is situated higher than 1500 m above sea level. Climate of Issyk-Kul basin is moderately warm and favorable for cereals, industrial crops and fruits. The relatively soft climate is explained by the isolation of the basin from northward located plains of neighboring Kazakhstan and the influence of the deep non-freezing lake, the winter temperature of which is higher than the air temperature by 10 degrees on an average and does not drop below +2 degrees. The soft climate also is supported by good circulation of air masses from east to west, especially between the lake and the ground.
The irrigation sources in Issyk-Kul province are mountain rivers of snow-glacial feeding, characterized by large slopes, shortness and low water availability.
Issyk-Kul BWMO consists of 5 district (rayon) water management divisions.
Issyk-Kul BWMO supplies irrigation water to 154.5 thousand hectares of irrigated land. The state irrigation fund under responsibility of Talass BWMO is comprised of 779.6 km of inter-farm canals, 771 hydraulic structures, 6 pump stations, 60.9 km of collector-drainage network, Orto-Tokoy reservoir with a capacity of 470 Mm3, and 17 daily and decade runoff ponds, with the useful capacity of 15.4 Mm3.

At present, out of 154.5 thousand ha of the Issyk-Kul province’s irrigated area:
• 134.36 thousand ha or 87% are in good condition;
• 6.16 thousand ha or 4% are satisfactory;
• 14.09 thousand ha or 9% are unsatisfactory.

The list of functions and mandate at the provincial level includes the following:
• Organization of operation of the state irrigation and drainage network, canals, diversion, regulating and other hydraulic structures, pump stations, wells, reservoirs, power-supply lines, transforming stations and other elements of the state water infrastructure in order to improve their performance and reduce process water losses.
• Construction, reconstruction, and modernization of water-management and nature-protection systems and structures.
• Adoption of new automation, telecontrol and water control facilities and measures for their effective application.
• Development of draft perspective and annual forecast-plans for efficient water resources use.
• Design and survey work for other ministries and departments, according to state orders and through contracts with local authorities, peasant and individual farms, agricultural cooperative and other economic entities.
• Organization of development of water-management balances, perspective multipurpose water resources plans for river basins, irrigation systems, rayons and province as a whole.
• Control over technical state, use and repair of earth-moving machines, vehicles, and other machinery.
• Monitoring over availability of state pump stations, supervision over the state of pump stations and correction of their operation rules, as well as energy management.
• Estimation of needs for spare parts for smooth operation of pump stations and pressure pipelines.
• Control over implementation of current and capital repairs of pump stations, power equipment, earth-moving machines, vehicles, and mechanisms.
• Qualifying evaluation of operating staff from operations department.

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Last Updated ( Friday, 17 September 2010 )
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