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Monday, 20 September 2010

Kirov reservoir is located in cross-section of the Talas river in eastern Kyrgyzstan. The main purpose of the reservoir is provision of water for irrigation purposes. The command irrigated area is 110 thousand ha in Kyrgyzstan and 115 thousand ha in Kazakhstan.

Kirov reservoir hydroscheme consists of lightened buttress dam and diversion structure. The dam is provided with control and measuring equipment, which gives all necessary information on operational control for reliability and sustainability of the structure.

The control and measuring equipment provides regular observations through sensors giving information necessary for estimation of dam safety:
- slopes and shifting of the dam;
- contact zone - rock-concrete;
- joint opening;
- strains in armature;
- water seepage through concrete and abutment rock;
- temperature regime of the dam.

List of functions and mandate of the reservoir authority

1. Organization of operation of the state diversion, regulating and other hydraulic structures of reservoirs, the power-supply lines, transforming stations and other elements of the state water infrastructure in order to improve their performance and reduce process water losses.
2. Observation over reliable operation of the dam and the whole set of hydraulic and other structures that are under control of the reservoir authority.
3. Monitoring of safety of dam structures, implementation of capital and routine repairs.
4. Adoption of new automation, telecontrol and water control facilities and measures for their effective application.
5. Control over technical state, use and repair of earth-moving machines, vehicles, and other machinery and estimation of needs for spare parts for smooth operation.

KRA, Tchon-Kapka village, 724004, Kyrgyz Republic
Phone: (996 3459) 6 00 13, (996 312) 29 67 12
Fax: (996 3459) 6 00 13



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