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Tuesday, 21 April 2009


The Federal State Scientific Institution - Scientific and Technical Information Center Meliovodinform, hereinafter FSSI STIC "Meliovodinform" was established in 1964. The institution reports to the Russias Ministry of Agriculture.

The institution functions within the territory of the Russian Federation and cooperates with the federal executive bodies, executive authorities of the Russian Federations regions and local governments, public associations, other organizations and citizens.

The object and purpose of scientific activity of FSSI STIC "Meliovodinform" is to carry out applied research and work aimed to develop and use efficiently federal resources of national and foreign scientific-technical information in the field of land reclamation, agricultural water supply, technical support of agriculture, water management and agro-landscapes ecology, as well as applied research in the use of modern information technologies and facilities in irrigation and drainage.

Other activities:  

  • participation, in accordance with international agreements, in the international scientific-technical cooperation in area of land reclamation, agricultural water supply and technical support of agriculture;
  • publication and dissemination of scientific publications, information, reference, advisory, methodical and other materials;
  • organization, research-information management and conducting of scientific conferences, seminars, etc.;
  • provision of information and consulting services in the field of land reclamation, agricultural water supply, technical support of agriculture, water management and ecology of agro-landscapes.
  • FSSI STIC "Meliovodinform" is in charge of the sectoral fund of scientific-technical literature. 
    The institution is independent in concluding contracts, determining obligations and other conditions that are in compliance with the laws of the Russian Federation and by-laws of FSSI STIC "Meliovodinform.
  • Financial and economic activity is performed according to the approved by the Ministry of Agriculture cost estimates of costs and profits. 


Address: Russia, 109 382, Moscow, st. Sovkhoznaya, 10, block 6
Phone: +7 (499) 784-01-70.
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Website: http://www.cntimelio.ru/

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