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All-Russia Research Institute of Hydraulic Engineering and Land Reclamation of A.N. Kostyakov PDF Print E-mail
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Friday, 30 January 2009



All-Russia Research Institute of Hydraulic Engineering and Land Reclamation of A.N. Kostyakov (NIIG&M) is a head and coordinating center of national land reclamation science established on the basis of the State Institute for agricultural land reclamation (SIALR), formed in 1924. Since 1929, the Institute entered into the system of All-Union Academy of Agricultural Sciences, in 1964 - 1991 - under the Ministry of Land Reclamation and Water Resources of the USSR, in 1991 - 1993 - the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Russian Federation, and since 1993, it is a part of the Russian Academy of agricultural sciences.

Currently, the All-Russia (1931 - 1992 All-Union) NIIG&M of A.N. Kostyakov is a leading institute in Russia on scientific rationales for the development of agricultural land improvement, hydraulic engineering, water management, comprehensive mechanization and automation of the construction and operation of irrigation and drainage systems, the organization of scientific - technical service and effective use of technology through basic and applied research and engineering development aimed at accelerating research and technological progress in agro-industrial system in Russia.

In recent years, scientists of the institute have conducted a comprehensive study of the problems related to sustainable agro-landscapes during land reclamation. A rich bank of factual data accumulated in the Institute as a result of extensive experimental and field studies of processes occurring during land reclamation in Central Asia, Volga River Basin, Black Earth Zone, North Caucasus has allowed the scientists from the Institute, in the past 10-15 years, to give serious theoretical generalizations on the interaction between man and nature while reclaiming land, to formulate the concept of increasing the productivity of reclaimed agro-landscapes, water supply and sanitation in agriculture, and the ecosystem water use.

A procedure for creating and maintaining eco-reclamation monitoring of natural and anthropogenic objects has been developed. The principles of creating irrigation and drainage systems of new generation, requiring the use of closed water rotation, resource-saving technologies, advanced design systems and technical means have been specified. Trends in scientific- technological progress in the mechanization of land reclamation have been identified. The recommendations on the functioning of the agro-industrial system under new economic conditions have been developed for the regions, where reclaimed lands dominate.
The results of research and development are actively advertised in the thematic exhibitions of All-Russia Exhibition Centre, at international congresses, conferences, exhibits-seminars on topical issues of land reclamation in Syria, Libya, Czech Republic. Over the past few years (2000-2004), the Institute has been distinguished by 13 diplomas, and 47 staff-members have got the medal "Winner of All-Russia Exhibition Centre”. 97 volumes of works of the Institute have been issued. Employees of the Institute participated in 67 international congresses and conferences. Only in the last 5 years, they have published over 500 scientific works, among them 16 monographs, books, leaflets and collections of papers, 38 articles and reports in foreign publications.

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