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Thursday, 14 October 2010

The Russian (until 1991, the Ural) Integrated Water Use and Protection Research Institute (RosNIIVH) was established by the order No. 524 of the RSFSR Minister of Land Reclamation and Water Resources of September 9, 1969.

The main directions of the Institutes activity are as follows:

- research in area of water use, reproduction and protection;
- science service of restoration, protection and regulation of water bodies quality;
- scientific, regulatory-procedural, and technological support for safety of hydrostructures and water use;
- research in are of development of water laws and regulatory-procedural framework for water use;
- development of water resources assessments and standards for maximum permissible impact on water objects;
- information-analytical support of water-management and water protection activities;
- organization of international exhibitions and conferences;
- information dissemination and publishing activity (newspaper Waters of Russia, journal Russias Water Sector: challenges, technologies, management).

The Institutes consists of the head (FGUP RosNIIVH, Yekaterinburg city) and the five branches: North-Caucasus branch (SevKavNIIVH, Novocherkassk, Rostov province), Eastern branch (VostokNIIVH, Tchita), Far Eastern branch (DalNIIVH, Vladivostok), Kamsk branch (KamNIIVH, Perm), and Bashkir branch (BashNIIVH, Ufa).
Today, the head institute includes 3 research divisions and 8 sectors, accredited laboratory for analytical water monitoring (studies of quality of natural and waste water, soil, and sediments), division for coordination of external relations, which includes also editorial and publishing group and science and research library. There is a Center for Expertise of Hydrostructure Safety Declarations at the head institute as well.
The total quantity of staff in FGUP RosNIIVH is 258, including 15 doctors of science and 43 candidates of science.
The Institute maintains active international cooperation. It is a member of the European Water Association (EWA), the European Center for River Restoration (ECRR), and the Network of Water Organizations from Eastern Europe, Caucasus, and Central Asia (EECCA NWO).
Branches of departments Water economy and water technology of the Ural State Technological University (training in multi-purpose water use and protection) and of Land and environmental laws of the Ural State Law Academy (training in specialization of environmental lawyer were established at the head institute.
In order to bring environmental ideology and raise environmental awareness of the public, FGUP RosNIIVH has opened a Water Museum. The museum shows the following expositions: physics of water; Russias water fund and history of water development; hydraulic engineering development; restoration and protection of water objects; evolution of water agencies and others. The museums e-library collects a lot of water films and presentations.      
FGUP RosNIIVH piblishes the journal Russias Water Sector: challenges, technologies, management and the sectoral newspaper Waters of Russia.
The journal has the International standard serial number ISSN  1999-4508 and is included into the Abstract journal and the Database of the Russian Institute for Scientific and Technical Information, as well as into the reviewed scientific journals and publications, where the main results of doctoral and candidates theses are published. The journal was registered in the State Press Committee of the Russian Federation in May 1999. There is also an e-version of the journal on: www.waterjournal.ru

Nadezhda B. Prokhorova
Director, FGUP RosNIIVH:
Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor,
Honorary environmentalist of RF, Honorary water expert

Peace str., 23, Yekaterinburg, 620049, Russian Federation.
Phone./fax: (343) 374-26-79
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it , site: http:// www.wrm.ru

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