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Tuesday, 14 August 2012
Brief Information on Activities Non-Profit Partnership Water Users Union

- assist in developing standards, norms and regulations in area of water use;

- assist in enforcing laws requirements, norms and regulations in area of water use;

- develop recommendations for the improvement of water use in order to meet water needs of population, industry, agriculture, fishery, recreation and other water uses;

- contribute to the improvement of the status of water bodies and to stronger safety of hydraulic structures;

- contribute to the development and implementation of research and development results in area of effective use, restoration, and protection of water bodies;

- create a databank of scientific, technological and practical knowledge related to water use issues and provide information to the Unions members;

- contribute to and assist in training and development of staffs skills in area of water use, and organize regional workshops and conferences in the same area;

- represent and protect the rights and legitimate interests of the Unions members  in public authorities, local governments, community and other organizations.

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