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Wednesday, 04 March 2009


In June 10, 1930, the Moscow Institute of Hydraulic Engineers was established on the basis of the Land reclamation engineering faculty of the Moscow Agricultural Academy, the Laboratory of hydraulic works at All-Russia Council of national economy, the Hydraulic engineering department of the Moscow Higher Technical School of N.E. Bauman and the Land reclamation laboratory of the Institute of Land Reclamation at the National Commissariat of Agriculture of RSFSR and then renamed into the Moscow Institute of Hydrology and Land Reclamation (MIHLR).

In 1994, taking into account the high level of qualification of teaching staff and education in a wide range of socio-economic, natural sciences and other areas of higher professional education, the order of the RF State Committee for Higher Education transformed MIHLR into the Moscow State University of Environmental Engineering (MSUEE). The new name of the University reflects its focus on training of specialists of a new type, capable of applying engineering methods in the field of nature protection and ecology. Environmental engineering should precede the nature management, it should give the natural components new features that enhance their practical usefulness, as well as restore disturbed elements of the nature and protect them from the adverse effects of anthropogenic activities in process of nature management.

For more than 75 years of existence, our educational institution has prepared about 30 thousand specialists for various economic sectors, including the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Ministry of Emergency of the Russian Federation. Our graduates are working successfully in various regions of Russia, CIS, as well as in many other countries all over the world. The University has gained high professional prestige as a basic university in the field of "Environmental Engineering and Water Use" and is widely known around the world as a center for training of highly qualified personnel. The Federal State Institution of Higher Professional Education "Moscow State University of Environmental Engineering" is equipped with modern equipment and teaching aids, several dormitories for undergraduates and postgraduates, training grounds for training and internship, etc.
Today, MSUEE comprises eight faculties: ecological-land reclamation; construction; mechanical; economical; multi-level education; training; distance learning; pre-university education; and, Weekend Institute.
The University has developed a multi-level system of continuous education, which includes the following training stages:

• - Pre-university preparation of students for admission to university (training courses, 2-year physical-mathematical school, specialized classes, short courses);
• - higher education (bachelor - master's degree, graduate);
• - post-graduate and doctoral studies;
• - second education (Weekend Institute);
• - short-term retraining and skills development.

The Federal State Institution of Higher Professional Education MSUEE is an educational-scientific center for coordinating scientific research on land reclamation, water management, ecology, and economic problems related to efficient nature management and environmental engineering.

The Moscow State University of Environmental Engineering is at the head of the All-Russian Educational-Methodical Association (EMA) on education in the field of environmental engineering and water use, which includes over 60 universities in Russia and their branches, where the experts of our profile are being trained.

One of priority directions of the University is the involvement in educational and scientific cooperation programs with foreign universities, including in the field of development and implementation of joint training programs, exchange of teachers and students, scientific research.

Phone: 7 495 976-2962
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Web site: www.msuee.ru 
Address: Russia, 127550, Moscow, ul. Pryanishnikova 19

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